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The Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

As you’re probably aware, a bad hire can cost a company seven times the amount of the employee’s annual salary. This is a daunting statistic, but there is a solution – not hiring the wrong person in the first place. Instead, Senior Decision Makers should look to your services to find the right people!

This article provides valuable advice on how to avoid hiring mistakes. It includes tips on how to properly prep candidates, structure interviews, involve team members in hiring decisions, and even look beyond a candidate’s credentials to learn how past performance will determine future behavior.
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Tips for Giving Feedback Without Causing DefensivenessStaffing Services

Giving negative feedback is difficult. I never know what words to say. So, I end up sugar coating it or avoiding it altogether. Sound familiar? If you struggle with the words to say and who doesn’t, this article contains some handy templates you can use:
Tips for Giving Employee Feedback without Causing Defensiveness


10 Strategies for Controlling Costs With Staffing

As you know, one of a Senior Decision Maker’s top priorities is managing the bottom line. And one of the best ways to do that is by controlling costs. When used strategically, staffing can control costs, which allows a Sr. DM to maximize profitability.

This article illustrates how strategic staffing can help eliminate overtime cost, limit benefits expense, prevent unemployment claims, reduce HR cost, and more!
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Try Before You Buy – An Easier Way to Hire

This article reviews the concept of Contract-to-Hire and the options and advantages this type of staffing can offer your clients and prospects.

This article was written to reinforce the value of contract-to-hire for any clients or prospects who may not fully understand the cost and other advantages of this service.
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Staffing for Profit

When used strategically, staffing can be a tool that can make a big impact on your bottom line. This article reviews several of the ways staffing can be used to control costs, enhance productivity, drive revenue growth and manage risk.
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How to Interview and Hire Top People Each and Every Time

Hiring and interviewing is both art and science that is being constantly perfected. However, many companies rely on outdated hiring techniques and practices.This article offers a 5 step process to help your clients with their hiring and interview process.
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101 Ideas for Getting the Employees You Want

As the labor market gets increasingly competitive, sourcing highly skilled talent is going to become more challenging. This article highlights 101 Ideas for Getting the Employees You Really Want—including many creative suggestions for finding employees where you normally might not look.
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10 Tips for a Staff that Lasts

One of today’s greatest challenges for businesses is retaining their most valued employees. This article offers 10 tips to help businesses create a retention program to create a staff that lasts through the upcoming year.
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Skills Tests – What the Scores Really Mean

There are many benefits of testing candidates, but test scores alone may not reveal all you need to know to ensure a successful hire. This article offers suggestions for establishing a baseline for interpreting test scores, regardless of the variations in testing methods. Included in this mailing is an offer for a free test for one of the reader’s top performers.
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Keeping Entry Level Workers from Quitting

You’ve trained them, you’ve watched them grow, they’ve turned into a model employee—now how do you keep them from jumping ship? This article offers several proven strategies to empower your employees, help them create a more even work/life balance, and improve morale—all of which directly lead to higher retention.
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Into the Mix – Managing Contract Professionals

Many times when companies use contract employees, they fail to provide the management needed to get the best results. This article shows Technical Hiring Managers why and how to best use and manage contractors.

“Into the Mix” offers guidance on when to use contract employees, how to appeal to them, how to prepare direct staff, and how to maintain good communication with all parties.
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Best Practices for Using Temporary Employees

When managers think about using temporary staffing, they typically think about it in terms of: place an order, a temp shows up, does a few hours of work, and leaves. And then the bill arrives. But as you know, the companies that get the best results from staffing put more effort into planning for and managing their temporaries.

This “Best Practices” guide provides readers ten top tips for getting great results from temporaries, including: setting clear performance expectations, preparing their staff, and more.
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