Applying for Jobs You’re “Not Quite” Qualified For

Perhaps, you’ve found a job that sounds perfect for you, but you aren’t certain you should submit your resume as you’re “not quite” qualified for it based on the qualifications listed. There are several key tips you should take into account when you decide to proceed with applying for jobs for which you do not meet the minimum qualifications. To discuss these strategies in more detail, call Employment Solutions today at (877) 880-7743.

  • Greatly Underqualified: Avoid applying for jobs for which you are greatly underqualified as it wastes your time submitting your materials and raises your hopes unnecessarily, when you are unlikely to hear a response.
  • Combined Experience and Education: Though it may not be noted in the job advertisement, some employers will consider an applicant for employment, whom exceeds the qualifications in one area, such as in experience, while failing to meet the minimum qualifications of another area, such in as education.
  • Impressive Cover Letter: If you know your resume lacks the substance you need to gain an interview, turn your attention to creating a persuasive cover letter that expresses why you would excel at this job, why you want to work for this distinct company and how this job would help you achieve your career goals.
  • Complete Resume: While padding your resume with exaggeration or dishonesty is never a good idea, don’t forget to include any internships and volunteer commitments you have fulfilled. This type of information can add to your experience, as well as provide a clearer picture of who you are as a person and an employee.
  • Examples of Your Work: When possible, include a portfolio of your work to accompany your cover letter and resume. Visual proof of the quality of your work may persuade the employer to explore your suitability for the position.

While it is unadvisable to apply for positions for which you do not possess any of the qualifications listed in the advertisement, it is acceptable to apply for jobs for which you’re “not quite” qualified. If you write a compelling cover letter to go along with your detailed resume and an intriguing portfolio, you might find yourself interviewing for a position you never thought you could attain.

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