Stay Away from these 6 Resume Buzzwords

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The Employment Solutions team routinely offers guidance and advice on how to create compelling resumes that highlight a prospective employee’s positive attributes, background and skills. Your application materials are typically the first impression any employer will have of you, so it must be free of spelling and grammatical errors and written with substance versus fluff…. Read more »

3 Things that Make You a Great Manager

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Supervising employees isn’t as easy as it seems when you are trying to promote a productive workplace, offer constructive criticism about work performance and keep the employees happy working alongside you. The Employment Solutions team has worked with individuals seeking positions in management and shared valuable advice as to how they can excel in their… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Your Office Space

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Your office space has a direct impact on your productivity. Walking into an office space that is cluttered and in disarray will hamper your entire day. If you set up your space properly, you’ll be more productive and motivated all day long. A few tweaks can help you make the most out of your office… Read more »

The Best and Worst Cities to Find a Job in 2015

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There are cities filled with job opportunities and other big cities that seemingly have no employment opportunities available. Every year, these cities change as a city’s economy grows or contracts, and in 2015, there are several cities that you’ll find where employment is thriving. Which cities are the best cities to find a job in… Read more »

Colorado Workers’ Comp Rates Will Go Up Again In 2014

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Ed Sealover of The Denver Business Journal on Colorado’s workers’ comp rates: The bad news: Workers’ comp rates are going up in Colorado for the fourth year in a row. The good news: The rate of increase is half that of last year, according to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs. Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite… Read more »