How to make the switch to better hires

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Nulite Story   Patrick Hersco of Nulite Lighting thought there was one way to hire manufacturing employees: the hard way.The way where you wade through the same old candidates who swim around the candidate pool, hire a handful, pray that a couple actually are worth keeping, and then repeat all over again the process the… Read more »

Why the Hiring Process Takes So Long

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When the economy is going well, you’ll notice that well over 200,000 jobs are added each month. Just look at the month of November when there were more than 211,000 jobs added to the United States economy. This signals a great rebound for the country, but there are still many people that are unemployed and… Read more »

Should You Consider Hiring Recent Graduates?

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One of the biggest questions hiring managers have is whether or not to hire recent graduates. With over 1.8 million graduates with a bachelor’s degree expected in 2015, there is talent available. The biggest question is the level of experience these graduates will have. Most graduates will only know the fundamentals to fill a position… Read more »

Into the Mix – Managing Contract Professionals

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Many times when companies use contract employees, they fail to provide the management needed to get the best results. This article shows Technical Hiring Managers why and how to best use and manage contractors. “Into the Mix” offers guidance on when to use contract employees, how to appeal to them, how to prepare direct staff,… Read more »

What to Do If You Lose Your Star Player

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What would happen if you lost your star player? Every business has invaluable employees, and losing a star employee can be devastating. But it doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event. If the worst happens and your star player leaves, here’s what to do: Don’t Overreact In a situation like this, it’s easy to overreact… Read more »

How to Break the Bad News: You Didn’t Get the Job

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After conducting numerous interviews and completing the slow process of narrowing down your potential employee pool, you have finally decided which employee to hire. However, after you verify that your chosen employee will accept the position, you are then faced with an equally unpleasant undertaking, which is to inform the other applicants that they did… Read more »

The Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

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  Hiring Mistakes What’s the greatest cause of employee turnover today? An economy flush with career opportunity?  Downsizing? Retirement?  According to a recent study by Harvard University, almost 80% of workplace turnover is due to hiring mistakes. Many companies spend more time selecting a new copier than they do hiring a new employee.  Yet a… Read more »

Candidate Skill Testing – What the Scores Really Mean

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To ensure you get the best people, staffing agencies employ a number of candidate skill testing means. Typically, job applicants must successfully  complete telephone screens, interviews, reference checks, and one or more skill tests. Skill testing provides an objective measure of a candidate’s ability to perform.   Companies such as QWIZ, Know It All, and Presenting Solutions, provide batteries … Read more »

101 Ideas on How to Get the Employees You Want

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How to Get the Employees You Want As the labor market gets increasingly competitive, sourcing highly skilled talent is going to become more challenging. How to Get Employees You Really Want 1.  Anticipate staffing needs. 2.  Target messages to a specific type   of candidate. 3.  Understand the needs of targeted   candidates, and appeal to   their… Read more »