5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

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First impressions are everything. Within just a few seconds of meeting, people will judge and form an opinion of value, and that opinion will likely never change. You only get one chance at making a first impression, so it’s important to make it count. Here are five ways to ensure that you make a great… Read more »

8 Things to Expect from a Second Interview

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How to Prepare for a second interview | Greeley Temp Agency

You’ve had the initial interview, and the potential employer is so impressed that you’re invited back for a second interview. This means that you’re a serious candidate for the job, but you really have to sell yourself as the company is still looking at other prospects. This is nothing to be worried about, and you… Read more »

Job Searching 101: Preparation

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To succeed in the fiercely competitive job market, you need to be prepared. But preparing for your search is more than just typing up a resume. In today’s digital world, prepping for a job search also means making sure that your social profiles are in order and that you understand what your goals are. Here… Read more »

Job Searching 101: The Interview

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Landing an interview is a great sign, but you haven’t gotten the job yet. Preparing for the interview will improve your chances of success. This is your first chance to impress your potential employer, and being prepared for your meeting will help you make a positive impression on the hiring manager. Read interview tips from… Read more »

What Do the Interview Questions Mean?

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Hiring authorities are aware that their reputation is created by the people who work for them. As a result, many employers are putting an emphasis on hiring individuals with the best characteristics when building their team. This is impacting the questions that are being asked when you submit your resume and the questions asked during… Read more »