8 Things to Expect from a Second Interview

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How to Prepare for a second interview | Greeley Temp Agency

You’ve had the initial interview, and the potential employer is so impressed that you’re invited back for a second interview. This means that you’re a serious candidate for the job, but you really have to sell yourself as the company is still looking at other prospects. This is nothing to be worried about, and you… Read more »

Steps to Take after a Critical Interview

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Finishing an interview can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Yet, your job is not done. Employers can conduct anywhere from a few to tens of interviews to find the best employee for a position. As an applicant, you must remain in the front of the candidate crowd to increase your… Read more »

What Do I Do If I Missed My Job Interview?

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You got a call back from an employer and scheduled an interview. But a last minute emergency prevented you from making it to the meeting. What do you do? Have you blown your chances of getting the job? Not necessarily. If you act quickly, the employer may give you a second chance. Here’s what to… Read more »

How Do I Negotiate My Salary?

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When you’re offered a job but the salary is too low, what do you do? If you’re smart and savvy, you will want to negotiate your salary so you’re paid your actual worth. There are a few steps to take that will help you negotiate your salary like a pro: 1. Be Upfront and Honest… Read more »

Steps to Overcome Interview Anxiety

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Are you feeling stressed about an upcoming interview? Have you had an interview fall flat because you felt nervous and feel worried it will happen again? At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists can prepare you for your interview, so you can impress the interviewers with your poise and professionalism. Here are 8 steps compiled by… Read more »