Are You an Overqualified Applicant? Here’s What to Do.

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You’ve likely heard the great news: more jobs are being added to the economy at a rapid pace. What you may not realize is that today’s job market is very competitive. Not only are jobs being added to the industry, but the unemployment rate is dropping, and the competition is fierce in the industry. A… Read more »

5 Steps to Landing your Dream Job

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Everyone has a dream job in mind. This may be working for a Fortune 500 company, or it may be simply advancing your current career. A dream job can be found if you have the proper direction and drive to achieve it. Need a little assistance landing your dream job in Denver, CO? We can… Read more »

3 Things that Make You a Great Manager

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Supervising employees isn’t as easy as it seems when you are trying to promote a productive workplace, offer constructive criticism about work performance and keep the employees happy working alongside you. The Employment Solutions team has worked with individuals seeking positions in management and shared valuable advice as to how they can excel in their… Read more »

6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Job Search

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Need to Jumpstart Your Job Search Momentum? Here’s How! You may be ready to find a job, but not sure how to get started. All it takes is a handful of know-how and a lot of persistence to jumpstart your job search momentum. Consider following these 6 easy steps to guide you in the right… Read more »

Job Searching 101: Mistakes You Might be Making

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Searching for a job can and will take time. While everyone’s search is different, there are numerous mistakes that most people seem to make. Instead of learning the ropes and making the same mistakes as others, boost your job search by avoiding these mistakes from the start. Employment Solutions can help you avoid common mistakes-… Read more »

“You Were NOT hired – Now What?”

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It is important to form lifetime connections with every individual you meet throughout your job search process, even if you are not hired. This also includes the individuals who were involved in the interviewing process of companies who did not hire you. Hiring authorities are usually well connected and you never know what doors they… Read more »