7 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads

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Congratulations! You made it through college and earned your degree. But there isn’t much time to rest on your laurels- before you’ve even gotten to hang up your cap and gown, we guarantee somebody will be asking you if you have a job lined up yet. Fear not- here are 7 helpful hints for how… Read more »

Fitting in at Your New Job!

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You struggled to find a job, and it may have taken months to land your current position. The worst thing that you can do is not fit in with your current job environment. It’s a recipe for disaster, but fitting in is a lot easier than people think. Denver Staffing Agencies Struggling to find a… Read more »

4 Tips to Improve Non Verbal Communication

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Your nonverbal communication in the workplace has a direct reflection on you. Sending the right signals is a must in today’s competitive job market, and the wrong signals can have an impact on your career proposals. Staffing Agency Denver, CO Preparing yourself for a new job and office environment? Contact a staffing agency in Denver,… Read more »

Avoid these Salary Negotiation Mistakes

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Salary negotiations are a very delicate matter. When negotiating a salary with a potential candidate, there are a few things that you never want to do. Hiring managers have routinely held all of the power in the negotiation process, but a lack of talent in particular industries has caused a shift in the negotiation process…. Read more »

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Professional Development!

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In today’s job market, you are expected to be proactive in encouraging your professional growth to  benefit both you and your employer. The more you know, the more productive and independent you will be, which is what employers expect to see in their valued employees. If you choose to ignore investing in your professional development,… Read more »

7 Skills you Need to Have in Today’s Job Market

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Job Skills | Denver CO | Employment Solutions

You’re entering today’s job market, but you’re not sure of the skills you need to find success in the current job market. While it’s impossible to list every skill based on your career, there are 7 skills that most employers will look for in potential job candidates. Computer Literacy Computers are a part of everyday… Read more »

How to Make Yourself Stand Out Among Your Competition

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Job Search Tips in Colorado

Landing an interview for a highly sought after position can be a tough task if you have not laid the necessary groundwork for preparing yourself and your application materials for intense review. At Employment Solutions, our staffing agency has discovered proven strategies that you can employ to make yourself stand out among your competition and increase… Read more »