Is Your Resume Skills Section the Best It Can Be?

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Your resume will get your foot in HR’s door and give you a chance to land a job. The goal of your resume is to impress the hiring manager who is sifting through countless other resumes to find the perfect applicant for the job. The skills section is one of the most important parts of… Read more »

Stay Away from these 6 Resume Buzzwords

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The Employment Solutions team routinely offers guidance and advice on how to create compelling resumes that highlight a prospective employee’s positive attributes, background and skills. Your application materials are typically the first impression any employer will have of you, so it must be free of spelling and grammatical errors and written with substance versus fluff…. Read more »

How to Make Yourself Stand Out Among Your Competition

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Job Search Tips in Colorado

Landing an interview for a highly sought after position can be a tough task if you have not laid the necessary groundwork for preparing yourself and your application materials for intense review. At Employment Solutions, our staffing agency has discovered proven strategies that you can employ to make yourself stand out among your competition and increase… Read more »

6 Buzzwords to Avoid on Your Resume

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Your cover letter and resume will provide potential employers with the information they will use to construct their first impression of you. At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists successfully assist job seekers with their application materials to ensure a favorable response and sidestep the common mistakes of using words and phrases that hold little insight… Read more »

Steps to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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The first impression you will make on any potential employer will be based on your resume. If your resume is well-organized, sufficiently descriptive and accompanied by a cover letter, you’ll have a better chance of being offered an interview. Yet, you may be stumped on how to structure your resume to ensure it garners a… Read more »

Job Searching 101: The Resume

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The goal of searching for a job is to finally get your resume in front of a hiring manager in hopes that you get called for an interview. This is the first step to landing a job. When your resume is lackluster, you’ll be harming your hiring potential and suffer as a result. Think about… Read more »