Why Every Employer Should Use a Staffing Agency

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If you’re an employer looking to fill an important position, you may wonder what staffing agencies have to offer. After all, you are a capable person: don’t you have a discerning enough eye to find the right fit yourself? It is possible to find a good employee for the position, but consider what a staffing… Read more »

7 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads

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Congratulations! You made it through college and earned your degree. But there isn’t much time to rest on your laurels- before you’ve even gotten to hang up your cap and gown, we guarantee somebody will be asking you if you have a job lined up yet. Fear not- here are 7 helpful hints for how… Read more »

Recovering From a Bad Job Interview

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We’ve all been there: a less-than-stellar job interview that leaves you feeling certain you blew the opportunity for that job. It’s not a very good feeling and can leave you feeling shaken, unsure of yourself, and do considerable damage to your self-esteem. But it can also be a good opportunity to learn what to do… Read more »

Should You Take The Job Reference Check Seriously

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In their quest to find the ideal job candidate, managers often skip the reference check, or hand the job over to HR. But with all the time and money spent on the recruiting and hiring of candidates, it’s important to make an informed decision. A reference check can help you do that. Staffing Agency in… Read more »

Top 3 Things Hiring Managers Might Not Know About Working with a Staffing Agency That Could Save Them Money

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Sure, you will pay slightly more than the employee’s hourly  rate when hiring a temporary, temp-to-hire, or full-time employee from a staffing agency. But did you know there are key areas where working with a staffing agency will save you money? When working with a staffing agency, these three things are off your plate–and your… Read more »