How to Follow-up After a Manufacturing Job Interview

You’ve already completed your interview and are eager to find out if you got the job. Yet, you may be pondering how to follow-up after a manufacturing job interview. There are important ways in which you can follow-up, so that you can relay your interest in securing the job without seeming bothersome.

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  • Prior to leaving your manufacturing job interview, ask the interviewer how you can follow-up about the job. This is the best way to determine how to proceed with a follow-up.
  • Be certain you are not contacting the employer prior to the time frame in which they said you would be notified. If a time frame for notification was not provided to you, try to wait a week before going ahead with your follow-up.
  • If you utilized the services of an employment agency to obtain the manufacturing job interview, contact the representative with whom you worked and ask how you may move forward with checking on your application status.
  • Before contacting the employer on your own behalf, think about what you want to say or write. It’s standard practice to state that you are calling (or messaging) to check on your “application status.” If you prefer, you can also include how you are very interested in obtaining the position and hope to hear from a member of their staff soon.
  • Contact by phone the appropriate department or individual with whom you can speak about your application. If no one is available, feel free to leave a voicemail message. If possible, avoid leaving a message with the front desk personnel as it may not be delivered to your intended recipient.
  • When noted as preferred by the hiring company, send an email as a means to follow-up after a manufacturing job interview. Some companies expressly state that they do not accept any type of employment calls and instead favor messaging for communications.

It is always a good idea to follow-up after a manufacturing job interview to demonstrate that you’re enthusiastic about gaining the position and ready to work. To follow-up after a manufacturing job interview, you need only respect the company’s time frame for making a decision, use the proper avenue for communications and be polite in your inquiry.