How to Quantify Your Dream in Manufacturing

To quantify your dream in manufacturing, it takes more than simply finding out what your particular dream job pays. Though discovering your expected pay is important, you must also look at your goals from different angles to see where your dream in manufacturing can take you. To discuss your thoughts with an experienced recruiter, contact Employment Solutions today for more information.

  • Pay Rates in Your Region: When researching how much pay you can expect to receive in manufacturing, you must tailor your search by the trade in which you will work and then look at the pay rates in your region. A helpful place to look for this information is in classified ads offering jobs that require a minimum amount of experience that is equivalent to your own. Knowing what you can make with the experience you have is central to understanding the value in continuing on your chosen career path.
  • Advancement in Your Trade: After discovering the starting pay for someone with similar trade experience in your particular region, you should also look at the various higher paying titles to which you can direct your future career goals. By pinpointing the top salaries that define the ceiling on what you can make in your trade, you will give yourself tangible incentives to continually improve your performance and quantify what your dream in manufacturing can yield for you in the long-run.
  • Education: Should you gain more education or earn certain certifications to increase your earning potential?  Education is considered an investment as it’s a long-term benefit that outweighs the short-term cost. Look at how much more you can earn with advanced education and/or trade certifications to discover if you would benefit by going the extra mile for your dream.
  • Long-term Goal: Define your dream in manufacturing by deciding how far you want to go in your industry and determine if the company from which you are seeking employment can provide that advancement. To gauge whether a company is a good fit for your goals, it’s a good idea to ask about the likelihood of promotion during your job interview. Indeed, you may find that you need to look elsewhere for a position with greater flexibility in promotion.

Once you quantify your dream in manufacturing, you will possess the knowledge you need to make an educated decision on how to best achieve your goals and whether any adjustments are necessary to turn your dream into a reality. At Employment Solutions, we understand that job searching can be an overwhelming experience. If you’d like more information on how to navigate the job search with success, contact us today at (877) 880-4473. We are here for you!