Where Do I Look for Manufacturing Job Openings

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Where Do I Look for Manufacturing Job Openings Once you have decided that you are ready to apply for a manufacturing job, you may find yourself wondering where to look for openings. There are several places you can search for manufacturing jobs to give yourself the best chances at finding a new job. Employment Solutions… Read more »

6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Job Search

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Need to Jumpstart Your Job Search Momentum? Here’s How! You may be ready to find a job, but not sure how to get started. All it takes is a handful of know-how and a lot of persistence to jumpstart your job search momentum. Consider following these 6 easy steps to guide you in the right… Read more »

10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You

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This is one of the most honest articles I’ve ever read. Read the full article here: http://www.careerealism.com8u/10-things-recruiters-wont-tell-you-but-i-will/ 1. Your interview attire is outdated/messy/too tight/too revealing/too flashy. 2. Your physical appearance is disheveled/outdated/sloppy/smelly/overpowering (i.e. too much perfume). 3. Your eye contact is weak/shifty/intense. 4. Your handshake is limp/too forceful/clammy. 5. You say ah/um/like too much. 6…. Read more »

How to Answer the Salary Question

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How do you answer the salary question? Every interviewer asks it. It’s on every application. What if you list too high of a salary? Will you be ruled out as overqualified? Too low, will you doom yourself to the low end of the job offer? This Tuesday, March 6 the ES Job Seeker Training webinar… Read more »