Steps to Overcome Interview Anxiety

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Are you feeling stressed about an upcoming interview? Have you had an interview fall flat because you felt nervous and feel worried it will happen again? At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists can prepare you for your interview, so you can impress the interviewers with your poise and professionalism. Here are 8 steps compiled by… Read more »

Asking for a Job Reference–The Right Way

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Nearly every employer will require reference and use that information as a key factor in the decision process of whether to hire you. Due the significant level of importance that’s placed on the references, you must choose these individuals wisely. Avoid using friends and family as references. If you must include a coworker or a… Read more »

6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Job Search

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Need to Jumpstart Your Job Search Momentum? Here’s How! You may be ready to find a job, but not sure how to get started. All it takes is a handful of know-how and a lot of persistence to jumpstart your job search momentum. Consider following these 6 easy steps to guide you in the right… Read more »

The Top 5 Interview Tips for Welders

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The following are the top 5 tips for how to succeed in a welder interview, but many of the same principles can be applied to manufacturing interviews in general. Dress appropriately – How should a welder dress for an interview? According to our clients, it is entirely appropriate for a welder to show up

“You Were NOT hired – Now What?”

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It is important to form lifetime connections with every individual you meet throughout your job search process, even if you are not hired. This also includes the individuals who were involved in the interviewing process of companies who did not hire you. Hiring authorities are usually well connected and you never know what doors they… Read more »